2008. január 8., kedd

You become what you think about...

Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich. This book is about successful people. He talks about a principle called the mastermind group. If you have any negative people around you, they will affect your life, luckily if you have positive people, they will affect your mind, too. Your unconsciousness believes everything to be true what you think about. Most of the things what is in our mind, first it was in one or more of our five senses. So many of the things inside came from the outside, from other people. Choose consciously your friends, the place where you live, your whole environment. It will be effective in the long term. Never settle down for anything. Remove negative people from your live, spend as little time with them as you can, catch them at their best. Find positive friends who are optimists and treat you with respect.

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